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Bike Fit

Bike Saddle

Kinetic Performance

Bike Fit

120 min / $275

A woman biking on a mountain

Kinetic Performance

Bike + Body Bundle

+120 min / $599


Indoor Trainer /

Peloton Fit

90 min / $300

Kinetic Performance Bike Fit

Receive a full body movement analysis and custom bike fit designed around your performance goals with consideration of your body mechanics and health history.

Kinetic Performance Bike Fit and Body Bundle

Includes a Kinetic Performance Bike Fit and a customized online 6-week strength training program to address your specific cycling performance goals!

Regular price: $875

Bundle price: $600 (1.5 months online programming) + $275 Performance Bike Fit) = $875 Value

Indoor Trainer/Peloton Fit

With all the hours you spend riding your indoor trainer or Peloton, it’s just as important to be set up correctly (as your outdoor ride) to promote optimal position, comfort, and avoid overuse injuries. Receive an in-home custom fit suited for your needs.

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