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Concierge Therapy 


Physical Therapy 

Initial Evaluation

75 min / $225

man doing physical therapy

Physical Therapy 

Regular Session

60 min / $250 

woman getting massage

Massage Therapy

Relax Session

60 min / $200 


Massage Therapy

Restore Session

90 min / $250 

Concierge Therapy brings the same quality physical or massage therapy, within the convenience and comfort of your own space.


We offer 4 levels of services: 

Physical Therapy: Initial Evaluation

​​We thoroughly assess your issues and create a treatment plan. After the evaluation, a plan of care is discussed addressing findings, diagnosis, and goals for treatment. 

Includes Specialized Therapy as needed.

Physical Therapy: Regular Session

We check the progress of your condition, provide treatment as needed, and adjust your personalized plan. Each session is tailored to your specific needs and journey towards wellness.


Includes Specialized Therapy as needed.

Massage Therapy: Relax Session

We offer deep tissue, therapeutic, or relaxation massage modalities to address your whole body, and trouble spots.

Massage Therapy: Restore Session

An extended session that allows us to focus on trouble spots.

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